CAVU Video Surveillance as a Service

Easy to deploy, simple to use. Now you can have complete control of your security infrastructure anywhere, anytime.

CAVU is videoNEXT’s next generation VSaaS offering that enables enterprises and governments to improve the security and safety of their employees and citizens. This scalable and flexible service enables security organizations to protect against all types of threats and disasters. CAVU enables quicker response times, early threat detection and better communication and collaboration between law enforcement departments and agencies. 

videoNEXT CAVU is a turnkey solution that removes cost and complexity barriers for implementing an enterprise and government-grade video surveillance solution. And CAVU provides a simplified, fully scalable, consumption-based service that eliminates the need for on-premise infrastructure investment.


CAVU VSaaS Architecture – We grow with you

Using secure applications, CAVU supports large camera counts over low bandwidth networks that are tied to scalable cloud infrastructure. You’ll never outgrow us.


Industry Leader in Video Surveillance

videoNEXT surveillance solutions are an essential component of the safety and security of many of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies and governments, including Google, Verizon and the US Department of Homeland Security. Real-time monitoring of your environment, people, and assets provides a high-level of situational awareness for faster, better-informed decision making.


Simple. Fast. And Smart.

Our cloud-based enterprise and government-grade CAVU video surveillance service simplifies and synchronizes your IP and analog security and non-security systems. CAVU utilizes your existing security and data infrastructure and operates seamlessly with virtually all IP-based cameras and encoders. Our standards-based, open architecture allows for extremely robust integration of 3rd party security and IT systems including analog and IP cameras, access control, biometrics, mobile smart devices, radar and video analytics. 


CAVU Integrated Solution 

The videoNEXT Physical Security Information Management (PISM) platform provides the underpinnings for CAVU’s integrated surveillance management, video analytics, access control software, video wall, cloud connectivity and mobile surveillance applications to provide a scalable security environment that meets the needs of all types of organizations, large and small.


Why videoNEXT?

videoNEXT has built a reputation as a global leader in scalable, enterprise and government-class video surveillance solutions. By leveraging our engineering discipline and extensive background in complex technology implementation, videoNEXT has created a high-performance VSaaS solution that enables your organization to cost-effectively operate and manage your security infrastructure.

As a trusted partner with government and commercial customers, videoNEXT provides video surveillance solutions to companies in industries as diverse as defense and homeland security, transportation, energy, education, health care and professional sports. Our CAVU VSaaS offering leverages our deep industry expertise and experience to provide a leading-edge cloud-based video surveillance solution.

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